Some finished sweaters to share

I spent most of June and some of July knitting on some things for the pure enjoyment of it!  No design work, no math, just fun summer knitting.  Now I'm happy to share 3 finished sweaters that Addison and I will be sporting this Fall.  

First off is On the Beach, by Isabell Kraemer.  Since I was able to model mine on our trip to the Northwoods, I called mine On the Pier.  

On the Beach, by Isabell Kraemer, in Quince & Co Chickadee, Kittywake and Carrie's Yellow

I loved the construction on this sweater and really love the fit.  I know it will be a go-to this Fall!

Next up, is one for my girl, Bulle, by Karen Borrel.  I choose Cascade 220 Superwash for this one, because I know she will want to wear it All. The. Time. this Fall with leggings.  More pics on my project page, but here's a few that were too cute not to share here.  I think this yarn will hold up nicely to all of the use it will get, but oh my goodness, did it GROW when I blocked it!  This will fit for a couple years, for sure!  

And, lastly, and quite possibly the one I'm the most proud of, is Dragonflies Jumper, by Joji Locatelli.  I have had this in my queue for SO LONG and have admired so many other knitter's projects, that it was finally time to make one for myself.  I dyed this MCN yarn up last summer and had it earmarked for another Salted pullover, but decided the color would really be perfect for this sweater.  

It was a fun, but challenging knit, and it went pretty quick, actually.  It's so comfy and soft in this yarn and will be a fun piece to layer with a tank or long sleeved blouse, and even pair with a dress or skirt.  

Dragonflies Jumper, by Joji Locatelli, in Front Porch Fibers DK MCN, coral

So, there you have it....all of the "completely for the fun of it" knitting I did this summer!  

As much as I love working on designs and creating something completely original, sometimes my mind just needs a break!  There are too many gorgeous designs out there to stop knitting "just for fun."  My queue will forever be full!  I always find taking a break from designing brings me back refreshed and ready to tackle the next project, instead of burned out and weary.  

The past couple weeks have tested me with my design work, as I've had to rip out a completely finished shawl and start over from scratch, and I've reworked the sleeve on a kids sweater about 4 times because of silly mistakes.  Because of the break earlier in the summer though, I feel like I have been able to take it in stride and not let it get to me.  Instead of feeling too frustrated and overwhelmed, I've been able to keep a positive perspective.  I want it to be right in the end, so a little extra time is not the end of the world, after all, I DO enjoy knitting.  

Truthfully, Summer is too short in the Midwest to stress out too much over work, if you don't have to....there's way too much fun to be had!  Here are a few highlights from our trip up to the Northwoods earlier this month.....notice my girl and her needles, she has been knitting up a storm this summer!  So proud of her....I will share her first hat with you all in another post soon!

And, let's face it, designing with these guys around 24/7 has it's challenges!  Much of the re-knitting I've done in the past couple weeks has been due to a lack of focus.  I'm sad to see Summer coming to a close, as it's been a great one for us, but my mind will be thankful for a few more quiet moments to focus when school starts next week.  

Happy Knitting, my friends.....I will be back in a couple days for my stop on the Blog Tour for Midwestern Knits!  (yes, THAT happened too, which has also kept me busy, busy!)