la playa

I'm excited to share a fun little summer shawlette/shawl design I just published today!  

la playa

la playa, shawlette version, in Quince & Co Sparrow, Sans and Eleuthera

This June, my husband and I celebrated out 10 year wedding anniversary.  I had ordered these 2 colors of Sparrow for another summer design that will be published in July, but I wasn't done with the combo after that design.  Together, they just kept reminding me of the beautiful place where we were married, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  

As a knitter, I often look for a fun little shawl or scarf to throw on with an outfit, but in the summer, tend to get away from this because of the heat.  My goal for this design was to make something I could style like a cowl or kerchief that wouldn't add heat on a summer day.  

I love the crispness of the Sparrow, and this piece is just the right size.  Two sizes are included in the pattern, for those who might enjoy a slightly larger shawl, or might even like to make one out of wool.  

The shawl is cast on with the main color and the lace section is worked.  Then the contrast color is added and the shawl is shaped along the top edge with decreases until only a few stitches remain and are then bound off.