For the Love of "Sisters"

I am so grateful for all of the "sisters" in my life.  

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful younger sister, who although she is younger, teaches me things about life and inspires me on a regular basis.  She is strong, smart, courageous and kind.  

Lizzie and I at her wedding, which she amazingly planned in 4 months, from over 1000 miles away.

But "sisters" come in all forms and span across the generations.  They exist in the literal sense of the word, and in the "spirit" of sisterhood.

Knitting has brought so many of these amazing "sisters" into my life.  Some of them stay for the long haul, some are there only briefly, but either way, they leave their mark.  

They make an impact.  

My Grandma and her identical twin and best friend, who deeply inspired this design

When I set out to design a piece for the trunk show at String Theory Yarn, I wanted to be sure to encompass their mission into the spirit of the design.  Janet Avila, the owner of this LYS, states the following on her website: 

At String Theory we believe that everything is connected to everything else; somehow what we do here in our small circle has both personal and global impact. That’s why we feature yarn from companies that provide an opportunity for impoverished women to feed their families and send their children to school. That’s why we support companies that limit their use of harmful chemicals, precious water and petroleum. That’s why we sit and knit.

So, to me, the Sisterhood stole reflects the connection and coming together of separate elements to form something whole. Each half of the stole is worked separately, from the outer edge toward the middle, and then grafted together. 
Personally, this piece represents the people and places in my life that have come together through the craft of knitting. I feel a true sense of the word “sisterhood” when I think about the things in my life that have led me to knitting. Deep family roots, as well as the true friends I have come to know and love, have made it a part of my soul, and helped me to realize the connection between past and present, small and global.

So, grab some sport or DK weight yarn, perfect for this time of year, gather with some of your "sisters," and be inspired.  If you are open to it, inspiration is there and it WILL find you.  

For all the ladies who have touched my life, young, not-so-young, and everywhere in between, this one's for you, and all of the "moments!"