PostGrad and a Puff-date

Well, even though I love February because we get to celebrate my little guy's birthday, I have to say I'm happy to see it go this year.  We had the coldest February on record since I've been born here in WI, so we are all feeling a little cooped up!  

Happy 5th Birthday to my little guy!

With all the sub-zero weather we have had, I have been happy to have a new sweater to wrap up in.  I finished PostGrad, by Alicia Plummer, with a couple of my own modifications.  

PostGrad, by Alicia Plummer, in Malabrigo Rios, Cocoa

PostGrad, by Alicia Plummer, in Malabrigo Rios, Cocoa

I used some of my own hand dyed yarn for a pop of color, which is written into the pattern for the inside of the pockets.  I added a little more by working the last row and then binding off in the contrast color on the bottom hem and the sleeves.  I love the little pop of bright with the deep chocolate.  

The other modification I made was to the collar.  I didn't want a collar that rolled for this sweater, so I opted to pick up stitches and work a herringbone stitch pattern instead.  I love the addition of texture to this simple, yet sophisticated design.  This sweater will get a lot of use!

The other thing that has had us super busy, is some major painting projects!  We have basically painted our entire lower level since the 1st of the year, along with our bathrooms and kitchen cabinets!  Seeing the kitchen in the background of these photos reminded me of the big's a fun before and after pic of the cabinets (along with all of our lovely kitchen clutter)!  

I LOVE the new look.  It's so fresh and clean to wake up to every morning.  This picture of the "after" doesn't really do it justice, as I think my hubby took it when it was dark outside, but you get the idea!

And, now for my February Puff-Date:

The final count of hexi-puffs at the end of February comes to 65!  I had a small donation of puffs from a knitting friend who started a Bee Keeper's Quilt and decided not to pursue it.  That helped me out quite a bit to keep my total up for the month, as my hands have been very busy with a lot of different projects.  I also received a donation of some fantastic little balls of sock yarn in the mail from another good friend, as well as some gorgeous hand dyed sock yarn from Ronda of Swedish Girl Hand Dyes and Main Street Yarn Shop, my LYS.  Loving all the "love" from my fellow knitters.  Knitters really are the best people!

Such a bad picture, I know, but it's the best I could do today!  

How are everyone else's projects coming along for the year?  It seems like everyone I know is going on Spring Break someplace warm....any grand plans, and what are you taking along to knit?