Old Faithful

Today I have a new shawl pattern to share, Old Faithful.  And, it's on sale through the end of February, no code needed.

Old Faithful, in Malabrigo Worsted, Rattan colorway

Grab your favorite worsted weight yarn. 
You know the one….the one you can’t help but squish and snuggle, the one you can’t get enough of knitting with, and the one you adore draped around you.

It’s your go-to. 

A staple in your yarn stash and your wardrobe. 

Your Old Faithful.

This shawl is worked from the bottom-up, working the ribbing, then the circular cables. Next, the body is shaped using simple short rows.

The little circular cables on this are so fun to watch form.....I must admit, I'm addicted to this stitch pattern and am in the process of designing a set of cowls using it.  

I have been wrapped up in this so much since it came off the needles.  Grab Old Faithful while it's on sale and hunt down your favorite, delicious yarn and work one up to drape around your shoulders.  For many of us, warm weather is still far, far away!