2015 Challenge: Beekeeper's Quilt

We are one month into 2015, and I've spent the first several weeks of this new year planning out and thinking about my design goals and projects for the year, as well as some of my own, just-plain-fun knitting plans.  

I know I would be able to publish more designs if I skipped some of the other things, but I've found that as a knitter, I still really need some of those other projects to keep the joy in my hobby alive.  I truly love my design work, but sometimes, the brain just needs a break from it.  

I know many designers rarely knit things other than their own design work, but personally, I need to keep a balance of other projects, or I start to lose myself a little bit.  It sort of brings me back to the basics of this craft I fell in love with, and the community I've found within it.  

This year, one of my very lofty goals is a Beekeeper's Quilt!  I know......I am most likely insane, but I have all these leftover little balls of sock yarn laying around, and leftovers just sit there, staring at me, driving me CRAZY!  So, I guess that sock yarn is destined to drive me crazy, either sitting there staring at me, or luring me to complete this huge project.  

So, in an attempt to keep up with it, I'm telling as many people as I can, in hopes that it helps to hold me accountable.  

Here is what I have for the month of January....35 little hexipuffs.  I believe I need about 380 to complete the large quilt.  Hmmmm....it's a good start, but I've got a LONG way to go.  I hope I can keep the momentum going.  It's become a great little take-along project, and it's a habit to pick it up and work at least one a day.  I'm enjoying the process very much. 

If you want to keep tabs on my project, here is the project page on ravelry: 2015 Challenge-Beekeeper's Quilt

I plan to update the number on my project page monthly, even if I don't get around to posting about it here on the blog.  

I'd also really like to try knitting socks....it's one thing I haven't attempted yet, but think I might be ready.  

What are your knitting plans or goals for 2015?