Knitter's Apothecary Collection

It's been a year in the making, including thousands of stitches, a fair amount of ripping, and lot's of dreaming about the outcome.  Alas, the day has arrived, and I can finally share my collection for the Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project with you all!


What started out as this amazing pile of fiber arriving on my doorstep last October.....

the stash of Malabrigo

the stash of Malabrigo

...turned into this:

Here's a little bit of background story about the collection.

My love affair with Malabrigo is no secret, so when I was given the opportunity to design a collection in partnership with them, my mind went a little crazy trying to decide which yarns to work with, and what direction to go with the collection. 

The resulting collection was inspired by the more "earthy" tones in Malabrigo's lineup and grew into an eclectic little collection named for a variety of herbs, spices and natural remedies.  

If you are at all like me, then knitting itself is a remedy.  

Using the same lace pattern in all of these pieces was comforting, and at the same time, a challenge for me as a designer.  Each time I sat down to design a piece, it was a little like the comfort of home, mixed with the excitement of the unknown.  

Each piece uses the geometric, yet feminine, lace pattern in a unique way to create a fresh piece with a classic feel. 

Without any more rambling, let me introduce you to the Knitter's Apothecary Collection:


Comfrey, in Mecha, Arapey colorway

Comfrey is a quick-to-knit cowl in bulky yarn.  Worked in the luxurious Mecha, the fun is in the details, with large-scale geometric lace and optional drawstrings adding a kick.  Tie on some pom poms for even more drama!


Zested, in Sock, Terracotta colorway

Zested is a softened triangular-shaped shawl, worked in garter stitch with subtle eyelets placed through out the body, finished with a geometric lace edging.  

Simple, yet interesting, its a great piece to showcase kettle or hand dyed yarns.


Valerian, in Silky Merino, Lettuce colorway

Valerian is a feminine, open-work hat whose lace design mimics the sprawling roots of the valerian plant. Named from the Latin word "valere," which means "to be well,"  the valerian root produces a calming effect and is often used to treat anxiety.  

So grab yourself some lofty yarn, something to sip on, then sit, knit, and "be well." 


Rocoto, in Sock, Botticelli Red colorway

 Rocoto is a casual, yet feminine pullover featuring lace details at the hem and along the sleeves, soft waist shaping, a unique notched neckline, and drop shoulders.  


Ceylon, in Silky Merino, Tatami colorway

Ceylon is a pair of timelessly elegant fingerless gloves, with just the right amount of detail to keep them feminine, yet also functional.  Using a combination of working flat and in the round, they work up simple and quick with minimal finishing.  

Ginger Root

Ginger Root, in Silky Merino, Tatami colorway

Ginger Root is a pair of classically styled, feminine boot cuffs.  Light-weight and easy to tuck into your boots, they are perfect to finish off your look with a soft, girly skirt, yet also go stylishly with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings.  Pattern includes 2 children and 3 adult sizes. 

I have set up a page on the website featuring the collection here:  Apothecary Collection

You can purchase any of the patterns as individual downloads through my ravelry shop here: Addiesma Designs on ravelry.  

The whole collection is also available as an E-book at a significantly discounted rate of $18, saving $1.50/pattern.  E-book available here: Knitter's Apothecary E-book

Thanks so much to all of you sweet knitters who lend me support on a daily basis.  It means more than you know.

A lot of people helped lend a hand with this project, including some highly skilled test knitters, Eleanor (tech-editor extraordinaire), Alex Tinsley & Malabrigo, and of course my amazing family, including my talented photographer, my hubby.  He was so patient and put in so much time to make these knits come to life the way I imagined them.  

I'm so happy to finally have this one "out there," and I imagine my family is too.  I'm sure they are OVER hearing about it.....this picture of Addison most likely sums up their feelings on the whole ordeal!

I have a very busy middle of the month, but if there is interest, I'd love to host a Knit-along in my ravelry group, On the Porch [with Addiesma], perhaps in November.  Leave a comment here or stop by the group to let me know if you are interested.   

Thanks, and happy knitting!