"Salted" for a gloomy day

I woke up this morning to a cool, gloomy, Late Spring day, so of course, I reached for something cozy to wear.  The perfect sweater for a day like today is my Salted, by Alicia Plummer.  

An extra layer to keep from getting chilly, but something roomy that breathes.  This sweater has been my go-to since it came off the needles this Spring.  

Salted, by Alicia Plummer, in Front Porch Fibers DK MCN, colorway Saphire Blue

My version can be found here on ravelry.com: Addiesma's Salted

This yarn is so incredibly soft and luxurious to wear, which is one of the reasons I can't get enough of this sweater.  It was wonderful on the needles and blocked just beautifully.  The yarn is my own hand dyed from my Etsy shop.  These 4 skeins sat in the shop for quite some time, and they finally called out to me loud enough, so I swiped them up to call my own, and I'm so very glad I did.  

I have enjoyed this one so much, I have already dyed and stashed 4 skeins of Front Porch Fibers DK MCN for another one.  Now, to find the time to knit it!