Thanks everyone for the sweet birthday wishes.....I had a lovely day!  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  I spent the day at Lake Michigan with my family taking a wonderful hike, and the weather was perfect.  And my kiddos were even more perfect!  I love that they are at ages where we can do things like that, they were real troopers!  

They were so funny, they both filled their pockets with rocks they collected along the shore and all of the adults tried to get them to lighten the load so they would make it up the super long flights of stairs through the woods on the way back.  To no avail.  They would not give any up. They proved all of us wrong, they were out in front of all of us trekking up the steps, rocks and all!

Anyways, lets get down to business.  The winner of the "parrot" gradient skein giveaway is "projectstashEL" (ravID).  Congrats!  It will be in the mail to you this week, I hope you enjoy it in all of it's lovely brightness!   Thanks to everyone who commented and played along. 

"parrot" gradient sock yarn-prize winner "projectstashEL"

I finally had the time this morning to add the other gradients and a couple other skeins to the Etsy shop.  I have another batch to get up there from last week too, but just took their photos this morning.  I seem to be having trouble completing this process with "life" going on all around me lately!  Hopefully I will have them all listed in the next day or two.....but alas, I have another batch to dye up, so, I'm still not caught up!  

Here's a little preview of what just went up in the shop at Front Porch Fibers on Etsy:

It appears I was in a "blue" sort of mood when I dyed these guys up!


Another update coming soon (hopefully!).  Have a great week!