Covington (the pattern and the couple)

As promised, a post about the new design dedicated to my sister and Ryan for their wedding, and of course, some shots of their big day. 

First off, here is Covington, which is written for 3 sizes: Small/baby (medium/throw, large/blanket)

Their sample was knit in Malabrigo Mecha in the Polar Morn colorway. 

Here is a little blurb about the design and inspiration:

An heirloom piece for the home, Covington combines two stitch patterns that compliment each other in their structure – one open and slightly feminine, and the other more structured and masculine. Together they make a statement.

Whether that statement represents two lives uniting in marriage, a family coming together to welcome a new baby, or simply the celebration of a home, the layers represent the way our lives build upon each other’s to combine and form a family.

This sample was knit with lots of love for my sister and her new husband as a wedding gift.

You can flip through the above gallery to see their reactions, along with some playful shenanigans that ensued after they opened it. 

Now, for the really fun part.....the wedding photos!  Here is another gallery with a few shots (well, more like 70, sorry, I had a hard time choosing!) from their super relaxed, yet elegant, affair.  The photos are all courtesy of my amazingly talented husband, which is one reason why we completely forgot to get a shot of our little family all dressed up to commemorate the day. 

Thanks for stopping by to share in my excitement and reminiscing!  

Perhaps you will find someone, big or small, that inspires you to knit your very own Covington for.  If not, you really deserve one of your own, right?!?