An interview with Lee Meredith for Gift Along 2014

Today I am happy to share with you a little interview I had the honor of doing with fellow designer, and color guru extraordinaire, Lee Meredith. Lee has a very unique, somewhat eclectic (in a totally brilliant way) style, that is hard to mistake.  Her designs are always original, and filled with color.  

Here is what she had to say about herself, her designs, and this year's Gift Along event.

Front Porch Knitting: Your designs are so creative and always so colorful and fun....where do you usually find inspiration for your designs?

Lee: Anywhere and everywhere, kind of - I'm always coming up with seeds of ideas from watching things people are wearing on tv/movies, shapes and lines out in the world, pictures on the internet, etc, and developing them out into designs in my own head.  There isn't really a place I go to find inspiration, I just get inspiration from everywhere.

Front Porch Knitting: How long have you been designing and what got you started?

Lee: I started knitting in 2002, and was self-taught and improvising since the very beginning; I spent years designing without thinking of it as designing, just making it up as I went, but not writing anything down.  In 2007 I wrote my first pattern, which made it into Knitty, and then I couldn't stop!  I've been designing full-time, more or less (with freelance gigs on the side, that kind of thing), since 2008.

Here is that first design, Entwined, which is a cool combo of fingerless gloves and a scarf, all in one piece.  


Front Porch Knitting:What is your absolute favorite thing to knit?

Lee: I don't have one favorite thing - I love knitting all different things!  Because I'm a restless knitter/designer, always thinking about my next project, my least favorite thing is knitting the second in a pair of mitts (or anything else that requires 2 identical items) - the first one is fun, and then the second one just drags on because I already did it once!  My favorite types of things to knit are items with interesting construction or stitch patterning, but not too much to keep track of, so I can knit while watching a good movie and not mess anything up, but also not get bored.

Lee's Orthogonal is a great example of that.  A variety of stitch patterns, and using as many or as few colors as the knitter desires, definitely keeps things interesting. 

Front Porch Knitting: Did you participate in the Gift Along last year, and if so, what was your experience and what brought you back again?

Lee: Yes, I did - it was a great experience!  I sold lots of patterns, had a fun time following along with the KALs and games; the best part was seeing my designs being knit in the KALs.  There wasn't really any downside, so there was no reason not to do it again this year!


Front Porch Knitting: Which of your designs do you feel makes the perfect gift, and why?

Lee: I think hats are great gifts - even if someone doesn't usually wear hats, if they live where it gets cold, everyone needs a hat or two.  Barry, Wobble Bass, and Spiraling Stripes Hat are all hats that can be made more simple or more colorful, depending on the giftee's style.  Fingerless mitts are also a great gift item, I think - a lot of people have made my Either/Or mitts as gifts.

All of these are lovely.  Here is one of my favorites of Lee's hats, Wild is the Wind.


Front Porch Knitting: Will you be knitting anything in the GAL this year?  If not, what would you choose to make if you had the time?

Lee: I think the only thing I'll be making is a new sample for one of my own patterns, since that's on my work to-do list anyway, so I might as well post it in the KAL.  If I had the time, sigh, I would knit all the things!!  I've had plans to make Star Athena's Mt. Hood Snow Cap, and embroider snow on Mt Hood, ever since she first released the pattern - I would love to find the time to do that this season!  I've also been wanting to make Waneka by Annie Watts since last year.  There are tons of sweaters I'd love to knit; in my queue to make someday are Wainwright by Bristol Ivy, Gaugeless Sweater by Elizabeth Felgate, Easy Cardigan by Meiju K-P… there are SO MANY more I'd love to make, these are just the ones already in my queue.

Check out Lee's designer page here: Lee Meredith

Here's her website:

Hopefully you have found some designs that appeal to you to jump in and join the Gift Along!  The sale continues through Midnight tonight, Friday November 21st, EST, but the Gift Along event itself continues through the end of the year!  Plenty of time to work up something fantastic for a loved one, or for yourself!

Here's the link to all the details on ravelry: Gift Along Forum