The Man Behind the Lens

I thought it was time to give a little shout out to the guy behind the camera, my husband, Andrew.  In most cases, he deserves all of the credit for the images of my knits.  And if I ever get too anxious waiting to snap a few shots and go for it myself, he usually saves me in the editing :)  

One of the goals I made for myself in 2013 was to knit a sweater for my whole family (immediate family, mind you, meaning those who live in my house!  Afterall, my Dad is 6' 4", so I will leave that one to my Mama).

The kiddos were easy, I made them a few, since they go pretty quick.  I kept putting off the one for my hubby though.  Having only ever knit him a hat or gloves, the full sized sweater was a little intimidating.  The thought that I could spend that much time on something for him to not even like it was daunting.  I finally took the plunge, and with his input, we both love how it turned out.  He's even worn it several times to work, which is the best compliment a knitter can receive, right?  To have the things we make and give be worn, that's all we really want!  

Flax by tincanknits in Berroco Ultra Alpaca

Flax by tincanknits in Berroco Ultra Alpaca


He chose the Flax pattern by tincanknits, from their Simple Collection, released in Fall of 2013.  It is exactly what it declares, a simple, straight forward knit.  The only modification I made was to change the garter stitch panel on the sleeves to reverse stockinette stitch, and then only work the panel on the top of the shoulders.  He wanted it to look more like a "patch" design on the shoulder instead of extending down the length of the sleeve.  

More pics and details on my project page here: One For My Honey


So, there you have it, that's my guy, looking handsome in his hand knit sweater, on the other side of the camera for a change!   And wouldn't you know, I may just have enough yarn left to make a matching sweater for our little guy!