Out for a Spin

Like I mentioned in the last post, I received a spindle for my birthday in May and have been learning how to use it.  The spindle gifted from my husband is a Schacht Hi-Lo spindle, which is exactly what I asked for, since I had read that it was a good place to start out as a beginner.  

Schacht Hi-Lo spindle 

It's a nice little tool and pretty easy to get started with, although it does feel quite heavy when compared to the Trindle that I have purchased since then.  I enjoy using them both, although they have a very different feel and ease to use.  The Trindle is an amazingly simple little gadget, but probably the best thing I've bought on Etsy to date.  I just adore everything about it.  

Like most new spindle spinners, I started out getting super bulky yarn and having some difficulty getting the hang of drafting.  It wasn't too long before it all "clicked" and things just started to flow nicely.  By no means am I claiming to be an expert after a couple months of playing around, but I do feel like I've got a much better handle on things and can actually produce something I want to knit with.  

 Just this weekend I knit up a quick little newborn hat out of some of that super bulky beginner yarn.  Despite the imperfections in the yarn, the hat turned out cute with a fun, organic texture.  My husband has a newborn photo session this weekend, so I'm hoping for some modeled shots soon.  

Here's just a few other shots of what's on the spindles right now and a couple of the first skeins I spun up.  The activity and chattering level of my kids right now is sometimes incredible, so some days it's much easier to pick up the spindle for a few minutes than to even think about knitting.  I am grateful to be learning the skill and have the ability to create something while just hanging around with the family.  It's another part of the fiber world that I am so thrilled to know more about.  Honestly, it's so relaxing too.  It's probably a toss-up for what is more therapeutic to me right now....a few stollen moments of yoga or picking up the spindle.