Fresh for Summer, our new girl's design, Kismet, is now available!

This design was inspired by the way these two fabulous colors of Plucky found each other.  The pink/purple, Lollipop Guild, was the first yarn I received through my subscription to Plucky Classics.  The Flannel I picked up at a trunk show locally when the Plucky Knitter came into town the same week.  Since I had never worked with their yarn before, I took it as a sign that something fun and fateful had to be born.  And to be totally honest, when I opened the Lollipop Guild, I knew immediately that it was destined to become something for my girl.  This colorway had her name all over it from the start.  

I loved working the first one up so much that I decided to make her a second version, in a single colorway that I had been holding onto for some time.  It knit up beautifully, and the color with her blue eyes is dreamy.  I had a little fun with the embellishments at the hem too.  

Kismet, in Ella Rae Lace Merino

As usual, I was fortunate to have some super adorable versions knit up by some generous and ambitious test knitters.  How lucky was my girl to receive a 3rd version in her team's colors!?!  Here is Grammy Joan's version, also in Plucky.  

Go, Pack, Go!!!

Be sure to check out these other adorable versions on ravelry:

LauraPNW's Spring Flowers and Kismet  (See, I wasn't the only one that could't stop at one!!!)

Knitwisepurlwise's Kiss, Kiss

Grammyjoan's Ready to Run

MikiaB's Kismetwhich she is working up in 3 colors!  

I am so very thankful for everyone who tested this design, I had so much fun with it.  The biggest compliment to me is that all of these great ladies either worked up a second version or are planning one in the near future.  Thanks for all of your hard work and beautiful images.