Crossing Trestles

I'm happy to say, with the release of the Trestle Vest, the holiday knitting for my kiddos is complete!  I still have a few gifts to whip up, but the kids are all set!  

Trestle is just a simple little argyle vest that brings to mind the trestles we see in one of our favorite books, "Freight Train" by Donald Crews.  It's such a simple little book, but it always makes us smile.  

Here are a few photos of the kids modeling their vests on the WARM Thanksgiving we had up north.  It was about 60 when we took these pics, and the next day we got a few inches of snow!

I also am very excited to be working on an adult version of the Dulce vest, due for release sometime after the holiday.  It's not quite ready for testing, but I hope to have it ready in the next couple weeks.  

Until then, have a magical holiday season!