Alpaca Snuggles and "12 Days of Patterns" Giveaway

Recently our family had the opportunity to visit a local alpaca farm.  Other than my daughter having a small run-in with a rooster (which will likely traumatize her for years!), it was such a positive experience.  We learned so much and the owners of the farm were amazing hosts.  

Here are some pictures from our visit at the Magic Willows Alpacas Farm. Thanks so much to Becky and Tom for taking the time to show us around.  We will be back in the Spring before shearing!

A few of the "big boys" coming to greet us.

Eyeing each other up.
They were so sweet and curious!

We even got to walk into the pasture to mingle with the  Mamas and their "babies!" 

Some of them were quite curious about our headwear. No, these hats are not Alpaca, they are Merino!

Did I mention they are friendly?  

Pattern Giveaway:

In the spirit of the season, we would like to gift some patterns!  Simply go to our Ravelry Shop, Addiesma Designs, and add a pattern you would like to receive to your que AND favorite it, and you will be entered to win that pattern at the end of the day.  If you aren't a member of yet, now is a great time to join.  It's free and a fabulous place for knitters!

Enter everyday from now through December 23rd.  Someone will win everyday!  Happy Holidays to you and those you love, from Front Porch Knitting.  

Day 1: December 12: Congrats to ravelry user, CelticCaston, who wins the Trailhead pattern.

Day 2: December 13: Congrats to PoncaHillsLinda who wins the Trestle Vest pattern!

Day 3: December 14: Hooray for jb103!  You won the Samothrace Cowl pattern.

Day 4: December 15: Congratulations to threadsgal, who wins the Trailhead pattern.

Day 5: December 16: qtpieknitter wins the Weathervane hat pattern, congrats!

Day 6: December 17: Congrats to cowboysX3, who received the Trestle Vest pattern.

Day 7: December 18: Our winner for Day 7 is jupe, who wins Boot Candy. Congrats!

Day 8: December 19: Day 8 winner is Asteride, who wins Beautiful Day!

Day 9: December 20: Our winner for today is scubaj43 who wins the Yellowstone pattern! Congrats!

Day 10: December 21: Congrats to DevotedWife who wins Dulce!

Day 11: December 22: Our winner is Nellas, who is still deciding about which pattern she would like to receive!  Congrats!