Dulce Season

It is the time of year when I start to plan my holiday baking.  I love all the sweet little "dulces" that accompany the gatherings and festivities between Thanksgiving and New Years.  

This little vest design, Dulce, was inspired by all of these decadent, petite little treats.  

The sweet little cables and whimsical toggle closure add the perfect finishing touches to a vest with simple lines.  Perfect for the coming holidays, but also casual enough for everyday wear.  My girl now has two, one in red, for the holidays, and one in her favorite, "pink and purple!"   A big thank you to her Grammy for test knitting and then gifting the pink and purple version. 

I had a great group of test knitters who gave me wonderful feedback, as well as a very patient and communicative tech editor.  I owe you all many many thanks for getting Dulce out there.  

The current design on the needles is a vest for my little guy.  This design will be suitable for boys or girls, so a red one for my girl is also in the plans.  I have to use up the rest of the red from her Dulce vest.  Inspired by a favorite book in our house, "Freight Train" by Donald Crews.  Simple, but so sweet and fun to read.  The argyle design on the vest mimics the trestles on the bridge.  Here's a little peek at the work in progress.  Hope to be ready for testing after Thanksgiving.