New releases for a new year!

Wow, how is it possible it's been almost 2 months since I've shared here!?!  I guess the busy Fall just took over and got away from me!

Since it has been quite busy, today I have a few new things to share!

First up, a new shrug pattern, Terrapin, available for adults and girls.  

Terrapin and Tiny Terrapin in Malabrigo Mecha

Terrapin and Tiny Terrapin in Malabrigo Mecha

Named for a decadently sweet little chocolate indulgence from the local candy shop, this cocoon-like shrug is also reminiscent of a turtle’s shell. Like a wearable blanket, you can wrap up in it, keep your neck warm, and still have your arms free.

The back is worked flat, bottom-up, and then seamed to form sleeves. Stitches are picked up around the entire edge to form a deep, ribbed border. Short rows are incorporated to shape the collar and rounded hem. Finally, stitches are picked up around each sleeve for a neat edging.

I also released a fun little hat in December, called Watersmeet.  

Watersmeet, shown in Manos del Uruguay Maxima, in Oxygen.

Watersmeet, shown in Manos del Uruguay Maxima, in Oxygen.

Sometimes a little whimsy is in order. 
A textured split brim, simple stockinette body, and spirited tassels come together for a fun little hat. 
Perfect to showcase that special skein of kettle dyed yarn in your stash, it works up nice and quick, great for gifting or keeping. 
Add a pom pom to top it off for even more spirit!

Finished Measurements: 
Circumference (at split brim): 18” /46 cm
Circumference (at join): 19.5” /49 cm
Length: 8.5-9” /22-23 cm
To fit head circumference of 20-22“ /51-56 cm
Note-to adjust size, increase or decrease needle size, 
or use a slightly lighter or heavier yarn to get desired effect. Written for one size to fit adults, but also looks really great in the same size on an older child (approximately age 6 and up!)  Shown below in Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the Orchid colorway. 

That's all for now....I hope the new year is off to a great start for all of you!  Hope you enjoyed lots of good time spent with loved ones over the holidays and snuck some stitching in!



Shades of Winter Collection

Today I am so happy to be able to say that the Shades of Winter Collection, a collaboration with Luna Grey Fiber Arts, is finally published!

A collection of cold weather knits inspired by the cool and beautiful shades of winter.

First up, Wide Open Spaces, a triangular shaped shawl worked with a knitted on edging. This shawl is so warm and cozy in the fabulous Nova Worsted yarn, I just want to wrap up in it all the time now that the weather has turned colder.  

Wide Open Spaces, in Nova Worsted, Glacier Araucana colorway

Wide Open Spaces, in Nova Worsted, Glacier Araucana colorway

Jackie at Luna Grey has kits available for this shawl, so you can choose from her amazing color palette to create one of your own.  Kits are available in her shop here, and include both the pattern PDF and the yarn: Wide Open Spaces Kits

Next up is a quick little hat, Due North, also worked in the Nova Worsted yarn, shown here in the Tradewinds colorway.  

Intertwined diamonds that come to a point bring to mind a compass, leading you due north.

Worked at a gauge perfect for the coldest of temperatures, the cozy fit and interesting cable motif combine for a stellar hat you will want with you all season.

Jackie also has kits available for this fun hat, which are perfect for gifting, either as a kit or as the finished hat:  Due North Kits  I honestly cannot recommend this yarn enough, it's at the top of my favorites list!

Due North, in Nova Worsted, Tradewinds colorway

Due North, in Nova Worsted, Tradewinds colorway

If you want to do some knitting for a little kiddo you happen to know and love, the Lodgepole Pullover might just be perfect!  Worked in Luna Grey's Aspen Sport, it's super-wash and super durable, and the color combos are endless. 

Written for sizes 12 months through 10/12 years, and featuring a fun-to-work tree motif, most little kids would adore one to call their own.  I know my kids both are loving their "tree sweaters!"

Lodgepole Pullover, in Aspen Sport, Marine and Mushroom colorways

Lodgepole Pullover, in Aspen Sport, Marine and Mushroom colorways

Lastly, I have a fun little hooded (or not) cowl that works just as well for women as it does for little ones, Defrost.  The little cabled band is worked first, then grafted to form a circle.  Stitches are picked up around one edge and the body is worked in the round, either using short rows to form the hood, or omitting them to form a traditional style cowl.  The yarn used is the sport weight version of the Nova yarn, Nova Sport, and it's so soft, with lovely drape, and was amazing to work with.  

Defrost, in Nova Sport, Fjord colorway

Defrost, in Nova Sport, Fjord colorway

hooded version

hooded version

traditional style version, shown in Quince & Co, chickadee, in Carrie's Yellow colorway

traditional style version, shown in Quince & Co, chickadee, in Carrie's Yellow colorway

So, I guess I've been away from the blog for quite a long break.....but I DO have something to show for it, I've been super busy creating!  

I should be back more frequently now, and I have some more fun things coming up soon and other things to catch you all up on, so I will be back again real soon. 

It's been unseasonably warm quite late into the season here in WI, but my needles have still been clicking away.  What have you all been working on this Fall?  I'd love to hear!  Please share here, or come join us on ravelry in our little group, On the Porch [with Addiesma], where we have KAL's, chat about patterns, call for test knits and share new releases.  

Midwestern Knits Blog Tour

Today it's my privilege to be the next stop on the Midwestern Knits Blog Tour!  

When I first learned about this project, I have to admit, I was completely smitten with the idea of it.  I poured over the mood board on Pinterest and knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of it.  I am a huge fan of both Allyson and Carina's designs, so in my mind, there was no way it wouldn't be great.  

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, the Midwest and the Great Lakes region hold a special place in my heart.  The people are kind, the Summers are beloved, and you don't have to travel too far in any direction to take in a beautiful landscape.  

Whitefish Dunes State Park, Door County, WI

Whitefish Dunes State Park, Door County, WI

When I began to brainstorm about a design proposal for this amazing collection, one thing kept coming back to me.....Lake Michigan.  It's hard to explain, but I have just always felt like I was in the right place as long as the shores of Lake Michigan were off to the East.  I live about 45 minutes from the lake, so it's not a part of everyday life for me, but just knowing it's there, somehow orients me.  I'm guessing this is how people who live along the coast or near the mountains feel about their surroundings.  

Cave Point County Park, Door County, WI

Cave Point County Park, Door County, WI

After exploring fabrics and settling on a few stitch patterns inspired by sand and waves, the Cave Point Hat was inspired.  

The Cave Point Hat is a lace weight hat, worked up in two colors, and may just turn out to be the lightest-weight hat you ever own.  Living in Southeastern WI, the phrase "cooler by the lake" is commonplace.  These are the types of days I had in mind when I designed this hat.....the days when there's a little chill in the air.  The days when the Spring or Autumn sunshine isn't quite enough to take the chill off, you need just a little something to keep you comfy.  For those evenings around the campfire, or early morning walks along the lakeshore, this hat is perfect for the seasons when you don't need a Winter hat, but just want a little something cozy.  We all know we need plenty of cold weather knits in the Midwest to battle our blustery Winters, but this design was intended for our other seasons....for all of those in-between days, which we tend to have in abundance.  

Cave Point Hat in Front Porch Fibers Merino Lace, in "Business Casual" & "Lakefront" colorways

Cave Point Hat in Front Porch Fibers Merino Lace, in "Business Casual" & "Lakefront" colorways

If you are inspired to knit up your own Cave Point Hat, there will be a Knit-Along going on in the Midwestern Knits Ravelry Group, being run by the lovely Laura Ricketts, beginning in mid-September.  

I also have some Cave Point Hat Kits available in my Etsy shop, Front Porch Fibers, which includes the yarn and pattern PDF.  

If you haven't gotten your hands on a copy of this beautiful book yet, you NEED to!  It's put together with so much heart.  You can simply feel the inspiration behind each design as you page through the fresh photography and modernly classic designs.  Each designer has included an essay about their design inspiration, and fun little bios about everyone are also at the back of the book.  

I cannot decide which sweater I want to knit first....but MidtownBlowing Snow Cardigan, and Sweater of Broad Shoulders are all at the top of my list for the approaching cooler weather.   

And for next Spring, I would love to have some splashes of color in my hand knit wardrobe including the Storm Cloud Tee and Mishigami Pullover...both are such creative uses of color.  

Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to listen to me ramble about a place I hold close to my heart, the place I will always call "home," the Midwest!

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Some finished sweaters to share

I spent most of June and some of July knitting on some things for the pure enjoyment of it!  No design work, no math, just fun summer knitting.  Now I'm happy to share 3 finished sweaters that Addison and I will be sporting this Fall.  

First off is On the Beach, by Isabell Kraemer.  Since I was able to model mine on our trip to the Northwoods, I called mine On the Pier.  

On the Beach, by Isabell Kraemer, in Quince & Co Chickadee, Kittywake and Carrie's Yellow

I loved the construction on this sweater and really love the fit.  I know it will be a go-to this Fall!

Next up, is one for my girl, Bulle, by Karen Borrel.  I choose Cascade 220 Superwash for this one, because I know she will want to wear it All. The. Time. this Fall with leggings.  More pics on my project page, but here's a few that were too cute not to share here.  I think this yarn will hold up nicely to all of the use it will get, but oh my goodness, did it GROW when I blocked it!  This will fit for a couple years, for sure!  

And, lastly, and quite possibly the one I'm the most proud of, is Dragonflies Jumper, by Joji Locatelli.  I have had this in my queue for SO LONG and have admired so many other knitter's projects, that it was finally time to make one for myself.  I dyed this MCN yarn up last summer and had it earmarked for another Salted pullover, but decided the color would really be perfect for this sweater.  

It was a fun, but challenging knit, and it went pretty quick, actually.  It's so comfy and soft in this yarn and will be a fun piece to layer with a tank or long sleeved blouse, and even pair with a dress or skirt.  

Dragonflies Jumper, by Joji Locatelli, in Front Porch Fibers DK MCN, coral

So, there you have it....all of the "completely for the fun of it" knitting I did this summer!  

As much as I love working on designs and creating something completely original, sometimes my mind just needs a break!  There are too many gorgeous designs out there to stop knitting "just for fun."  My queue will forever be full!  I always find taking a break from designing brings me back refreshed and ready to tackle the next project, instead of burned out and weary.  

The past couple weeks have tested me with my design work, as I've had to rip out a completely finished shawl and start over from scratch, and I've reworked the sleeve on a kids sweater about 4 times because of silly mistakes.  Because of the break earlier in the summer though, I feel like I have been able to take it in stride and not let it get to me.  Instead of feeling too frustrated and overwhelmed, I've been able to keep a positive perspective.  I want it to be right in the end, so a little extra time is not the end of the world, after all, I DO enjoy knitting.  

Truthfully, Summer is too short in the Midwest to stress out too much over work, if you don't have to....there's way too much fun to be had!  Here are a few highlights from our trip up to the Northwoods earlier this month.....notice my girl and her needles, she has been knitting up a storm this summer!  So proud of her....I will share her first hat with you all in another post soon!

And, let's face it, designing with these guys around 24/7 has it's challenges!  Much of the re-knitting I've done in the past couple weeks has been due to a lack of focus.  I'm sad to see Summer coming to a close, as it's been a great one for us, but my mind will be thankful for a few more quiet moments to focus when school starts next week.  

Happy Knitting, my friends.....I will be back in a couple days for my stop on the Blog Tour for Midwestern Knits!  (yes, THAT happened too, which has also kept me busy, busy!)

Isle of Hope

Today I have two new patterns to share, which were published earlier this month.  Isle of Hope and Petite Isle of Hope are feminine, airy pullovers, designed to lift your spirits and inspire daydreams.

Never turn your back on hope, and always keep a little bit in your pocket. 

Isle of Hope, in FibraNatura Good Earth Solids, Cloud

back of Isle of Hope

There's still plenty of time to knit one of these up for yourself or your little daydreamer to get some use out of this Fall.  It also qualifies for your KAL in our ravelry group, On the Porch.  Come join us, there's fun prizes to be had and friends to meet!  

Happy Knitting and happy last days of Summer!


How about a Summer Knit-Along!

All this summer knitting with fabulous summer yarns has me itching to host a Summer Knits KAL!

Of course there will be prizes....including yarn, a project bag, patterns, and a Cave Point Hat kit!  

Sneak peek at the Cave Point hat, our contribution to Midwestern Knits, hitting the shelves mid-August!   A kit will be given away as a prize for the summer KAL!

Sneak peek at the Cave Point hat, our contribution to Midwestern Knits, hitting the shelves mid-August!   A kit will be given away as a prize for the summer KAL!

To kick off the KAL, I am running a sale on 12 of my warm-weather, summery patterns.  

la playa, Kismet, High Tide, Low Tide, Sisterhood, Portico, Portico Mini, Ginger Root, Ceylon, Zested, Valerian, and Sparrows & Swallows.  Links to all of these can be found in the KAL thread.

Use the code FPKsummerKAL at checkout on ravelry to receive 25% off any of the following 12 patterns from now through July 31st.  

And if you've been watching for the Isle of Hope or Petite Isle of Hope patterns, they will be published at the beginning of August and will also be included in the KAL.  I will offer the same discount code for them when they are released, so keep your eyes open!

The KAL will run from July 20th through September 22nd, when summer officially comes to a close here in the Northern Hemisphere!

Happy summer knitting, my friends....hope to see you on the porch, knitting along with us!

FO Love

I absolutely adore coming across one of my patterns so beautifully executed by a talented knitter.  It's truly one of the most wonderful feelings as a designer.  

I just had to share this gorgeous Portico from katiezahner (Ravelry ID), in her own equally gorgeous yarn, Nice and Knit sport.  

Portico, in Nice and Knit sport, "sailor's sky", from katiezahner

Portico, in Nice and Knit sport, "sailor's sky", from katiezahner

Here is the link to her project page, which also links to her yarn info on ravelry:

katiezahner's Portico

Bravo, Katie, this is one stunning sweater!

New Pattern: Sparrows & Swallows

Today I have a new design to share, Sparrows & Swallows, which is a set of linen cowls designed with mixing and matching in mind.  

Sparrows & Swallows, in Quince & Co Sparrow, shown in Sans and Eleuthera

Sparrows & Swallows, in Quince & Co Sparrow, shown in Sans and Eleuthera

Two complimentary textures play nicely together, are fun to knit, and the color combination possibilities are endless.

Knit in crisp linen, they can be worn year round, but they would be equally lovely in wool for cooler months.


Some days, we feel simple, content. Like a happy little sparrow soaking up the sunshine.

Other days, we may feel more spirited, like we can swoop and soar on the breeze, like a vivacious swallow.

And some days, we are a mix of both.  This set of cowls allows you to mix and match, use a pop of color, or a cool neutral, or both together.  

Interested in a summer knit Knit-Along??  Leave me a message here on the blog or pop on over to my ravelry group to let us know you are interested.  I'd be happy to put a little KAL together for all of my summer, or warmer weather, knits, including the following:

Low Tide, High Tide, Kismet, Portico, Portico Mini, la playa, Valerian, Zested, Ginger Root,  Ceylon, and of course, Sparrows & Swallows

I also have this design coming out in the next few weeks that would be great for a summer KAL:

Isle of Hope, for both child and adult

Another version of Convington, for Noah

I became a great auntie, for the 4th time, a few weeks ago.  To welcome the little guy, I worked up a version of Covington for him.  

I wanted it to be more masculine, since I knew my niece was expecting a little boy, so I left the mesh lace sections off and just worked the Whelk stitch for the whole piece.  I also didn't want his little fingers and toes to get caught in the lace, so this was perfect. 

Baby, Noah, and his Covington blanket, in Malabrigo Chunky, Blue Surf colorway

Baby, Noah, and his Covington blanket, in Malabrigo Chunky, Blue Surf colorway

This worked up pretty quick and is really snuggly and soft, perfect for new baby skin.  I also really love the size, almost like a stroller blanket, so he can carry it around with him with out tripping as he gets older.  I hope it becomes one of his favorites!  

I did change the cast on from the original pattern.  Here is my ravelry project page for notes. 

Welcome to the world, little buddy!  

P.S. credit for these cute photos goes to my hubby.  I made Noah a little matching bunny too, but I don't think he made it into the photo shoot, darn!  



Avana and a little escape...

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary this month, my husband and I took a very small, one night/2-day getaway to Door County, WI. 

We stayed at the most lovely little, quaint bed and breakfast on a sheep farm, the Chanticleer Guesthouse. 

Chanticleer Guesthouse, Sturgeon Bay, Door County, WI

Chanticleer Guesthouse, Sturgeon Bay, Door County, WI

See that top balcony...that was our room, in the old, remodeled hay loft of the barn.  It was such a great view, I could have sat there all day long watching the sheep graze.  We enjoyed the most delicious breakfast on our balcony and watched some deer in the evening light.  

Morning knitting with breakfast, coffee, my guy, and sheep....what more could a gal ask for?!?

Morning knitting with breakfast, coffee, my guy, and sheep....what more could a gal ask for?!?

We went out for a great dinner while we were up there, and it was nice to have a reason to dress up a little bit.  I got this dress for a steal last summer and wouldn't you know, I had to remove the tags when I packed it for the trip.  It just happens to go with my fabulous new Avana shrug that I just adore.  

Avana, in the Fibre Co, Savannah, in Seafoam

Avana, in the Fibre Co, Savannah, in Seafoam

This was such a great pattern to knit and the finished piece is really fantastic.  It's lighter than air, but kept me warm in the cool evening air.  The pattern is Avana, by Annie Rowden, and I would highly recommend it.  The only thing I would do differently next time would be to try steam blocking, as it grew quite a bit with a soak.  

Now, for the barrage of sheep photos, and a few more from our trip, here's an album!

It was a great little getaway, even if it was brief.  

Funny how life changes...10 years ago we had 11 days in Mexico and thought we needed to "get away" to relax so badly.  

Ha!  10 years later, less then 36 hours away from "life" was such a great refresher!  


Happy knitting, Happy Independence Day to my American friends, and I will see you soon with one more summer accessory in the lovely Sparrow.